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Moved Back to Blogspot - 22 February 2010

Here we go.

Missed a few images: fixed by hand.
had to restore goedel:/home/daniel/
into newton:/Library/WebServer/Documents/daniel[/blog]
newton:blog daniel$ for i in uploaded_images/*; do echo ====================;echo $i; echo -------; grep -rl $i .; done|grep -v archive.html|grep -v atom.xml|grep -v rss.xml|sed -e s/.\\/20/http:\\/\\/localhost\\/daniel\\/blog\\/20/g|grep http|uniq -c
2 http://localhost/daniel/blog/2005/11/moire-3d-dome-pov-ray.html
6 http://localhost/daniel/blog/2006/08/galo-on-drupal-and-gallery2.html
4 http://localhost/daniel/blog/2007/10/bucky-moire-revisited-wide-169.html
So these are fixed: