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Bucky Moire Revisited Wide (16:9) - 06 October 2007

Tried to re-render my Bucky Moire project, and found that the MPEG files were making Powerdirector crash. Investigating, I decided to re-render in 16:9, with better aspect-ratio management.

- so rendering in 720x480, with an explicit aspect ratio in pov files:
camera{ .. right x*1.778 ..} does the trick (implicitly 4:3 is the default.)
-That makes the png picture distorted (when viewing with sqaure pixels.)
- I also removed the -f dvd flag from the ffmpeg line
- old vs new ffmpeg, is the one that I built in the dome directory vs the one from rpmforge under centos5
- so the MPEG file needs to be told about the aspect ratio: e.g.
/home/daniel/dome/ffmpeg/ffmpeg/ffmpeg -r 30 -i work/buckyMoireF2427-%03d.png -aspect 1.778 -b 9000 -y oldffmpeg-nodvd-aspect169-nonsquare.mpg

This is what it looks like on the DVD after rescaling to 16:9.

I must also redo the intro storyboard with the same mods.

Moved all scripts into svn:
svn checkout buckyMoire --username daniel.lauzon

-Parts, there are now three top level scripts.
all scripts run for both 1.778 (16:9), and 1.333 (4:3) aspect ratios) : story board animation : creates 24...48x24..48 sequences creates longer seamless animations
-combine the 9 styoryBoard parts (with repeats into one sequence)
as in 1,1,1,2,3,3,3,4,5,5,5,6,7,7,7,8,9,9,9
-combines all mesh animations for one constant outter frequency
and adds freq pair anotation to bottom of image.