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RPC options - 17 July 2006

Basic transport is workable now.
For initial tests php-o-lait will be simpler, (requires php 4.3 (.1)+ (not boole)

Server side -
JSON.php wrapped by me
php-o-lait includes JSON.php , and rpcproxy classes

Client side
php-o-lait rpcproxy classes
Hand written code in HttpPostTest
including cookie tracking.

Impedence mismatch: Types!
If php is in the chain, whoe dow we adapt the class hinting scheme from java client:
remove it from the source by hand ?
Implement Objects in php ?

Other transports:
JAX-RPC -> supplanted by JAX-WS 2.0 (which supplants JAX-RPC), JAXB 2.0, and SAAJ 1.3.

What about
handles all three: REST, XMLRPC, SOAP

for xmlrpc :
implementation list :
top candidates for java: or (redstone , was Marquée)
top candidates for php: not yet reviewed
There is already a module in php :php-xmlrpc (on euler,abel,rack2)
article describing this extension :
this is the xlmrpc-epi (epinions extension) (has some json stuff too, had trouble making it work ?)
but maybe that was on boole)